The platform for shorter meetings & better results


The platform for shorter meetings & better results

TribeScale is the ideal platform to improve your meetings and participate wherever you are, whenever you want, and make actions oriented decisions.

This has saved us a ton of time and created better results in our meetings and it should do the same for you.

Hi everybody! If you have any question about how TribeScale works or regarding the Beta program...just tell us. We're here to help you improve your meetings. :D
@TribeScale I developed a 'real-time, collaborative agenda' years ago which really helped streamline our meetings, so I'm a big fan of this idea.

I don't like doing meetings over chat though. I prefer meeting face-to-face or a call. Does TribeScale work well for non-chat meetings as well?
@marckohlbrugge Hi Marc! Thanks for your comment.

We too believe that spending time face-to-face is very important, but there's also an excess of meetings in some companies that are what we want to reduce.

One use case that we've detected is this: a company that is tryin' our beta does a weekly management meeting on Fridays. They usually spend about 2:30 hours on this one. Since they started testing TribeScale, they created a parallel meeting in the platform with the same topics (KPIS, marketing, product and finance) and each week they talk there about decisions, tasks and so on. Now the Friday's meetings just lasts 30 minutes as are basically a review of what has been already decided over the week. They also use TribeScale during the physical meeting to post decisions and tasks there because they receive the minutes of meeting afterwards.

Another team replaced their daily huddle (10 minutes each morning answering "what I did yesterday, what I'm going to do today, there's any blocking") with a TribeScale meeting. They upload a mini-video of 30-40 seconds explaining this so the rest of the team can get the non-verbal communication. After 7 years doing the physical meeting each morning, now is the 4th week in a row doing it through TribeScale and they're completely pleased.

I hope I've answered your question and more than happy to respond anything else.

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