Let bots do your digital paper work

Clerk.AI employs bots to do mundane accounting admin work for managers and employees of small businesses world-wide. The idea behind Clerk is simple: Humans should not do what computers can do!

Employees upload their location data, credit card statements and give access to their inbox and Clerk generates travel claims, expense reports and receipt-PDFs to share with the company so that they quickly and effortlessly can get compensated. Small business owners shares bank statements and invoice data with Clerk helps them keep their books up-to-date without having to involve their accounting firm on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

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Hey Fredrik, interesting concept. Is it limited to travel only?
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@sampathspeaks Happy you find the concept compelling :) Travel tracking is only one part of it, the rest is focused around expenses and keeping the company books (accounting) up-to-date with as little human intervention as possible.
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@founderfred I'd love to know more. What's the best way to connect?
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@sampathspeaks Easiest way is simply to sign-up on and click the chat icon in the lower right corner. Looking forward to chat with you!

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