Build machine learning powered applications without a data scientist


Build machine learning powered applications without a data scientist

Telepath gives software developers the ability to build machine learning applications and tools, no AI/ML experience necessary. With Telepath, developers can build custom models and deploy real-time prediction APIs in minutes. Without learning any new programming languages, math, or data science jargon, developers can upload and clean data, auto-generate custom models, and use their models to add machine learning predictions to their applications. Telepath is a fully-hosted and managed serverless backend so developers can unlock the power of machine learning without worrying about dev-ops or having to become an expert in data science.

Hi everybody, one of the makers here.

We built Telepath to serve app developers who don't have a background in math, or statistics, or data science, but who could nevertheless use ML to power their applications.

We believe that we're still in the very early days of machine learning, and that in the future, every product will leverage intelligence. But that won't happen while the learning curve is still too steep and while software developers are expected to crawl up it.

Please offer any feedback you might have. I would love to hear your thoughts!
Hi, all! I'm also a co-founder of Telepath.

I'm sure you've heard this kind of thing before, but Telepath.io has a totally "by developers, for developers" approach to machine learning.

Telepath introduces a framework and platform that translates all of the complex math/ML/data science concepts and jargon into familiar and developer-friendly concepts.

But we're just getting started! Please sign up for our beta to get free early access and to help us keep improving!
I'm not sure how we comment on this beyond "good idea" when we're on a wait list to try it.
Hi Rick, Thanks for your comment! I'm Lily. I work at Telepath.

Yeah, at this point "good idea" is about the best we can ask for. We’ll be allowing access to beta users in the next few weeks so you’ll be the first to know. I’m excited for you to try out Telepath. My email is [email protected] Let me know if you have any questions.

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