Send me your content and I'll read it to you - Listen instantly, or later


Send me your content and I'll read it to you - Listen instantly, or later

TAYL is a service that turns text content into audio. Instead of consuming text in front of the screen, you can consume audio while outside living your life free of eye-strain.

Save your text content using our premium browser extensions, smartphone apps for iOS or Android, via one of our 1,500+ integrations or simply by typing. We'll keep a readable copy for you, without ads and noise. We'll deliver an audio version of the same content to your private podcast feed. Listen at your convenience.

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I looked at your pricing page. I don't get what the different options offer. Another question: can I use it to add an audio version of my blog posts? So that my readers can choose between audio and video version.
@luqa57125041 Hi Luca! The only difference between Standard and Premium is the number of credits included in each plan (3,000 vs. 12,000). Using the standard voices, you can convert 100 characters for 1 credit. Using the HQ (premium voices), you can convert 100 characters for 4 credits. Sure, you can create a feed for your blog, but each account has only 1 podcast feed so I wouldn't mix it with your private reading list in that case. Hope this clear things up!
@Miickel thanks for your answer. From desktop the difference between the two packages was clear, from mobile, at least for me, it wasn't.

How would the feed creation process look like? Can I embed an audio player on my website? Or my readers need to subscribe to your service?

Thanka for your time
@luqa57125041 Ah, gotcha! I will try to make that difference more visible on mobile, thanks for pointing that out.

Since TAYL is aimed primarily on B2C (e.g. our customers use the service to turn what they usually read into a podcast feed they themselves can listen to), we don't have any embeddable audio player or such. This is a feature that a sister product I'm currently develop will solve (will launch in a couple of weeks).

You can however still use TAYL for this use-case, by for example creating a Zapier integration that checks your blog's RSS and sends new posts to TAYL for reading. Then you simply share your podcast URL with the readers of your blog.
@Miickel I would try playing around... maybe you could add the option to download the audio file.
I am already using " Read Aloud" plugin in chrome which does the same things for free. How this is different to pay for ?
@freedayin Hi! I haven't used "Read Aloud", but as far as I can read from the description of it, it's just a Chrome extension. TAYL sends the audio to you via podcasts, or you can use our native apps for iOS or Android. You're not tied to your desktop computer. The use-case Read Aloud covers is already covered by the OS on desktop, and also in some web browsers natively (like Firefox, for example).

Moreover, our users get to keep a local copy of their text + recordings and can browse it in a fast and beautiful interface, both on desktop and on mobile.

With our integrations you can create your own custom widgets to tailor to your needs. For example, you could setup a workflow where news articles published containing a specific keyword gets sent to TAYL for audio conversion, and then uploaded to your private FTP server. Or you could subscribe to a Twitter user's tweet and email the audio version to someone automatically. And much more.
@freedayin Read aloud text-to-speech quality is embarassing. While not perfeft, tayl is a lot better.

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