Task Pigeon

Track, manage & collaborate on everyday tasks

Task Pigeon

Track, manage & collaborate on everyday tasks

Task Pigeon is the simple solution to create, assign and manage the tasks you and your team works on each day.

Simple, and easy to use, the dashboard provides an intuitive overview of the tasks that matter to you, or the team you manage. And new tasks can be created in just a few clicks. Task Pigeon also allows you to comment and collaborate on tasks in the web app or by replying to any notification email.

Hi Everyone,

Paul here from Task Pigeon - We would love to get your feedback and will be online throughout the day (and checking back regularly over the next few days) to answer any questions you may have.

Let us know what you think?

Hello. I havent worked with your platform yet but was wondering how this differs from sites like Trelio or Hubspot? Love the look.
@SharonVagley Thanks for your message. Yes, I agree that this is a competitive space. I break it down into two broad "sectors". One side focus on long term/multi-stage projects and the other side focus on the short term tasks that come up in the day to day management of the team. We have focused on this space and really want to tackle the everyday (i.e. 1 to 3 day timeline) type tasks. To assist with this the platform allows people to comment on and respond to tasks in app or via email, with the comments syncing up to the platform so no info is ever missed.

We are also working on a recommendation engine for V2 that will provide recommendations on who is best placed to complete a task based on their current work load and past success at completing other tasks on time. This aspect of Task Pigeon would be more suited to larger teams where multiple people have the skill set to complete that particular task.

Beyond that we really take a leaf out of Groove HQ's book, who launched email support software despite the dominate position of Zendesk. They take the view that the market is large enough to allow multiple players and there isn't a one size fits all approach. We believe the task management space is similar to this.

Thanks again for your comment.

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