Google-scale recommendation features for your app


Google-scale recommendation features for your app

Tamber enables you to put cutting-edge personalization into your app in minutes.

🎯Recommend like Netflix, 👉Keep users clicking like YouTube, 🛒Increase cart size like Amazon. Startups like Farmstead (YC S16), ChefsFeed, and Curtsy (YC S19) use Tamber to drive up to 200% higher engagement.

👋 Hi Betalisters! Really excited to share Tamber with you.

Machine learning and AI have become part of our everyday lives, but most of their potential is only accessible to the biggest players. Companies like Amazon, Facebook and Netflix who can afford big data science teams.

Tamber enables developers and product teams to deploy cutting-edge machine learning features in their apps – no data science or Machine Learning experience required. Tamber works like the analytics service you're already using. Stream your event data in real time, then use our dashboard to instantly deploy features like…

* Recommended (think Netflix home screen)
* Up Next / Related items (like YouTube has on their video pages)
* Discover Weekly (Spotify-style)
* Bought Together (like Amazon)

…All powered by state of the art deep learning models.

We hope you love it and can't wait for your feedback!

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