Share the moment through music


Share the moment through music

Synnc makes music social, and now in real-time. Discover new songs and experience listening together. You can find popular and nearby djs' streams, get recommendations based on favorited tracks.

release date ? ganz viel glück!!
@emkeskin Our public beta will be available to download within two weeks. If you have signed up, you will receive an email from Testflight. Thank you!
Hello everyone!

We created Synnc to be a new experience in music sharing .

We had this idea first when we were hanging out with friends in a park and listening music from our mobile devices. We thought, what if there were an application which we can use on several mobile devices and allow us to listen the same song at the same time?

Synnc is a music sharing application with a unique perspective. We believe that sharing the moment can be achieved by co-listening and interactive options that enables you to connect with other users.

You can build your own playlists using Soundcloud and/or Spotify and/or Apple Music. As a streamer, you will soon have tools that make your streams more interactive such as; voting option, questionnaires and a other juicy surprises. You can ask your listeners anything through questionnaires, and share the most interesting answers to other listeners. Also you can pick three songs to put them to vote. your listeners can pick one of them to make it play next. It provides you with much more interactive options than your standard music listening application.

We plan Synnc to be a more of a socialization tool than just a player. So, we want Synnc to be a new social platform that you can express yourself with your musical side.

As for the co-listening aspect of Synnc; you can literally turn several mobile devices to a big jukebox. Play the same stream with different devices and there you go!

Leave your feedbacks for the growth of Synnc as we came to date with our early adopters’ feedbacks.
Good Job , congratz

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