Turning surveys into conversations


Turning surveys into conversations

SurveySparrow lets you turn surveys into conversations. With a conversational interface, SurveySparrow enables users to create and share highly engaging, mobile-first surveys that offer a chat-like experience.

SurveySparrow Recurring Surveys let you send surveys at regular intervals to gauge customer or employee pulse. With easy sharing options, SurveySparrow allows you to share your surveys across Web, Mobile, Social, and E-mail to easily collect feedback from your targeted audience.

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Hey everyone,

Shihab from SurveySparrow here. We’ve built SurveySparrow to turn surveys into conversations. We really wanted to make the data collection process more engaging so that you can get hold of finer data. More data means better decisions and we surely want our customers to be capable of making better decisions that drive their success.

Few highlights that might interest you:

- Chat/Messaging like Survey Taking experience
- Recurring surveys - Schedule weekly/monthly employee pulse/customer pulse survey
- Segment your audience with custom lists, of course, CSV import is available
- Share your surveys from within the SurveySparrow interface via Email, Social ...etc.

Use cases:
Any mobile-first surveys
Employee pulse surveys
Customer satisfaction surveys
Event feedback
Market research
...and wherever data collection takes place!

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I love feedback and am happy to answer any questions.

Thanks for joining the conversation revolution!
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