Get your content shared by influencers


Get your content shared by influencers

Spreadee is a platform where you can add your desired content, making it available for thousands of real people that need content for their social media accounts.

Hey guys, how is this different from QUUU?
Hello @RokJokLabs,

Thanks for your comment.

We are focused on the writers, not the distributor of content. We give the content totally free to them, no limit.

@brbordallo Cool, but how do you earn money then?
@RokJokLabs We plan to offer advanced stats to the writers, in a subscription model. So they can know what people are looking for, which tweets usually have more success or proposing ideas about what to write and how to write.
@brbordallo Do you only hook up Twitter or Facebook shares as well? What about CoSchedule as an alternative to Buffer?
@RokJokLabs The idea is to start with Twitter, after that we will include Facebook, Linkedin and other social networks. About CoSchedule, it would be great, can you put me in contact with someone there? If not no problem, I will reach them out.
@brbordallo sorry, I am only a customer and don´t have direct contact to anyone from their team.
@RokJokLabs No problem, I'll get their contacts :) Thanks for the mention.
The same person, Bartolome R Bordallo, launched jooicer and publishmonster. I paid for a "lifetime subscription to both".

I got nothing in return for my publishmonster membership. The domain publishmonster.com is now dead.

Jooicer never worked correctly, and it was in breach of twitter's TOS anyway. My so-called "Lifetime subscription" lasted less than a year before it was withdrawn by Bart.

INHO, beware before you give this person any money.

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