A portable electric generator that powers up virtually anything, wherever

Sparkbox, a portable power pack that’s revolutionizing the clean energy industry. Powerful enough to charge your car, but small enough to fit comfortably in its trunk, this electric generator is like the next generation of the generator world. With 3.2KwH of energy, it packs the punch of up to twenty other portable power devices. Designed to be versatile, reliable, and visually appealing, the clunky gas-run generators of the past don’t hold a flame to Sparkbox. Whether you’re planning the perfect camping trip or dealing with a roadside emergency, it’s a clean, green, eco-friendly machine, quietly powering up your life.

With innovative bluetooth capability and iOS, Android, and desktop apps, Sparkbox literally puts power in the palm of your hands. This development allows for remote battery monitoring, charge status alerts, and the ability to control Sparkbox wherever you go.

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