Build powerful websites and web apps on Airtable, in 10 minutes


Build powerful websites and web apps on Airtable, in 10 minutes

Softr is the easiest no-code platform to build powerful websites & web-apps on Airtable, in 10 minutes. No coding. No learning curve.

With Softr, you can build dynamic web-apps like Listings, Events Directory, Online Courses, E-Commerce, Job Boards, Upvoting Sites, Services Marketplace and more.

Good on you for trying something out and it looks okay for simple sites. However I'd really be careful about how you market it... claiming "Softr allows you build the next Airbnb, Uber, Upwork within days, at scale" is ridiculous. Tech giants invest MILLIONS in cutting-edge tech to stay at the forefront of the industry and they employ teams of highly skilled engineers to do so.

To say that something built with out-of-the-box libraries like jQuery, Popper.js and Bootstrap can compete with that is just naive and/or delusional. Fine if you've made a simple site builder, but advertise it as what it really is. These types of "build-a-site-with-no-code" products undermine the whole tech industry and you may find a lot of people have a problem with that.
@mbbillz Dear Milly, thanks for your feedback. That's exactly right, tech GIANTs now employ millions of engineers, because they are GIANTs. When they started, they all were small and had very basic and simple application. If you are a bit more attentive to the website, you will notice the website builder is just one simple product, there is a marketplace builder/web-app builder as the core product. What we market, exactly fits the target group we are building our product for, who are non-technical founders and early stage startups. And, it actually mentions nowhere in our website, that we provide out-of-the-box libraries like jQuery, Popper.js and Bootstrap. The building blocks provided out-of-the-box serve much more complex logic than just a frontend component, which actually allows you build fully-functional web-app.
I'm an engineer myself, and can guarantee you great engineers are happy to reduce the amount of boilerplate code as much as possible, and only build what's truly necessary to build from scratch.
@mariam_hakobyan I understand where you're coming from, I just personally think the way you've worded it implies that anyone can just start the next Uber or AirBnb when in reality it's infinitely more complicated than that.

I mentioned those libraries because your site is advertised as an example of what your product can do, the output of which uses jQuery, Bootstrap etc. Again, incomparable to the companies mentioned.

I meant no offence or disrespect in my original comment, so I apologise if it came across that way. I wish you the best with the venture.
@mbbillz "ridicolous", "naive", "delusional", "I meant no offence or disrespect".

You should at least own that you wanted to be disrespectful and you actually did a good job at it. Those fake execuses ("I apologise if it came across that way") are a good way of saying that you have no fault if someone perceived your voluntarily offensive words as their are.

By the way, Kylie Jenner's website is built on Shopify (no code tool), there are literally hundreds of 8 and 9 figures companies built on wordpress (another no code tool). One app built on bubble raised $300 million, another one has 100k MAUs. Webflow raised $70 million and is valuated at $350 million.

The time for no-code tools is coming. There will be left technical jobs only for really good engineers so I understand your fear.
@luqa57125041 Is saying that someone's claim is ridiculous really offensive? If so then sure, I will happily own that. I take back my 'fake apology'.

Regardless, I am aware that there are hundreds of huge sites built using 'no-code' tools, it doesn't necessarily mean they're always fit for purpose. My beef is with the *claim* that they're a like-for-like substitute for hiring engineers. It's disingenuous. Agreed, the tools are useful and can serve a purpose up to a point but saying you can build the next AirBnb using a 'no-code' tool is like saying you can do your own heart bypass by watching a YouTube tutorial.

If you have a closer look at 'no-code' built sites, you'd understand my point. Poor performance and accessibility, divitis/non-semantic HTML or no evidence of best practice, lack of adherence to W3 standards, responsive layout issues, outdated libraries, bugs, poor browser compatibility etc. The companies who build the tools only get away with it because the average person doesn't realise this is what they're paying for as they're likely to never see or understand the underlying code. Eventually the customer can't understand why it "doesn't work", goes to an expert and shits themselves when they find out the REAL cost of building something properly and realises they splashed all their budget on something else.

I don't think it's too much to ask for there to be more transparency about what it is these tools actually provide and how they compare to the 'real-thing' so that people aren't misled to begin with.

Regarding your last point, what do I have to be fearful of? I highly doubt that in my lifetime programming will become obsolete so quickly that there isn't time to adapt. Even if it did, the 'old' stuff won't just cease to exist - even today there's a niche demand for devs to work on ancient legacy code from 15 years ago. The rest of us will just become architects or 'machine commanders' or whatever new occupation... that's all provided humans haven't all destroyed ourselves and the planet by then 😂.
@mbbillz saying you can build AirBnb is the best way of building the association and be specific with examples.
First AirBnb or similars are not simply successful because they are technically complex or have big number of engineers are working on them. Second AirBnb and all similars started very simple and grew over time. This is AirBnb in 2012 while being 3-4 years old startup http://web.archive.org/web/20120104122432/http://www.airbnb.com/ now you tell me if it's jquery or whatever and if it makes a difference at all!

If no-code tool can enable to get started and run first few years it's already huge win and we will also see scaling use cases on top.
@mkrtchyanartur I personally think the average, non-techy person would take it literally, but anyway at least you're the first person to describe it as what it is - a temporary solution for testing/prototyping fledgling ideas. Again, I have no issue with that, but IMO that's not what it's being marketed as.

Perhaps my stance is 'unpopular opinion', I've said my bit - it'd be fruitless to try and persuade people ad infinitum, if they're unconvinced then that's fair enough.
You've built a very pretty site! I love the gif and the design of the landing page. The puzzle piece visual eloquently summarizes what the product is about!

I think you should increase your prices; Unbounce, which has a lot of overlap with your product, has much higher prices for similar features: https://unbounce.com/

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