Delivers no-code data platforms in days, not months


Delivers no-code data platforms in days, not months

snapblocs radically reduce the time and effort required to design, build and operate data platform infrastructure. More innovation, less reinvention. Build & Scale DataPlatforms on K8s, including Microservices in the Cloud.

snapblocs offers a library of pre-fab data platform blueprints. These blueprints, called stacks,
represent data platform use-cases. They merge multiple best-in-class open source technologies such as Kafka, Elastic Stack, Dremio, Grafana into ready-to-go solution blocs for deployment on Kubernetes in customer cloud environments.

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Here are more details about snapblocs:

1. In every organization, data plays a key role in deriving growth and innovation but organizations spent a ton of time and effort to build the infrastructure and solution for data initiatives.
2. Business wants IT working on their business goals and objectives but in reality, it doesn’t happen as technology teams are focussed on building foundations for projects. So, time to value is way too long.
3. Organizations adopt to infrastructure as a code from cloud provider which takes so much effort and complex to manage and scale.

Our Solution - snapblocs:
1. SaaS based Architecture as a Service platform - Prebuilt architectures for common data platform use cases combined with a high degree of automation shortens time to market and speeds time to value.
2. Choose a ready-to-go platform blueprint from the library.
3. Configure and customize via UI - no coding.
4. Deploy to any cloud provider - aws, gcp or azure. (Currently on aws and gcp).
5. Observe, manage, operate and scale as needed.
6. Adds ton of value on top of cloud provider or open source including security. Snapblocs complements open source or cloud provider's infrastructure as a code.
7. Delivers more business value - Spend less time, resources, and money building out baseline data platform infrastructure and more time delivering business value.
8. No vendor lock-in.

We offer free trial with free credit for deploying blueprints into sandbox.

We appreciate your feedback.


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