Siri for your data


Siri for your data

SimplyInsight lets you ask your data questions in every day language and get the answers you need to run your business more efficiently.

You need quick access to information to empower your decision making and grow your store. It's important to have reliable information and actionable advice. Let an expert handle your data.

Wonderful. Can you do this as a whatsapp or facebook bot? I know lots of corporations who would profit from this service.

Make sure you guys understand the following
1) While Analytics, mailchimp etc are standardized, the databases of many business clients are customized. Meaning they have different unique words (e.g. company names, item/product names etc) that your system needs to recognize. Make sure that your service can automatically understand where to find what (this will be tricky to accomplish) or ensure a smooth set up process that does not require technical expertise (this is also not easy, but it boils down to a UX solution).

2) Try to make your charts rich in information. The best standards on charts can be found here http://www.ibcs-a.org/standards. The pie chart you show in your sample is absolutely useless unfortunately, this really turned me off (I am an expert in data visualization and finance guy)

3) I want those charts including the data tables in PDF in my email. Do you have that function? (yes email, this is how the corporate world works)

if you have any questions, let me know, and good luck!

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