Open source solution to protect your email inbox


Open source solution to protect your email inbox

SimpleLogin protects your email inbox thanks to email alias. Especially useful when you don't want to give out your real email address.

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How is this better than free services like Altmails.com or Bulc.Club? Altmails.com allows you to reply as the alias and provides this as a free service. Bulc.Club has been around for ages and while it doesn't let you reply as the alias, it at least does like 80% of what your service offers, for free.
@shadowz1337 Hi Leo, very good question! In terms of email forwarding, SimpleLogin works in a similar way to other solutions, we have some differences though:

- Open-source and easy to self-host. The self-hosting is based on Docker and could be run on any Linux server. The hosting instruction is on our repo at https://github.com/simple-login/app

- Genererous free plan: there's no cap on bandwidth or number of replies/sends. Free plan is enough for protecting your personal email. Premium plan targets at more "advanced" users with features like "custom domain" or unlimited alias.

- Email activity: shows all emails received/sent to/from an alias

- Open roadmap with exicing features coming soon: extension for Safari, mobile app, Sign in with SimpleLogin, etc.

- Export your data: this small feature is actually missing in a lot of solution we tested. It facilitates the provider change if someday you decide to replace SimpleLogin.

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