Grow your company with a referral campaign


Grow your company with a referral campaign

Salescamp enables companies to grow organically with a super simple referral campaign. It takes 2 minutes to create a campaign on Salescamp with our step-by-step process, and a further 30 seconds to integrate the code snippet into your website.

Our referral campaigns enable you to reward your users for referring people to your website, and you can manage everything from campaign statistics to rewards from within your Salescamp dashboard. 65% of new business comes from referrals and if you're referred to a service by a friend, you're 4x more likely to make a purchase.

We're launching a closed BETA next week - if you're interested, please visit http://www.salescamp.io and subscribe for the launch notification. We'll invite anyone who subscribes before 5th July.

Beware of you SSL certificate (Chrome shows a warning).

I was a bit 'disappointed' when I entered my email. I wanted to see your system in action. I was like "Oh yes, this seems pretty nice", and just got a "Thank you" modal instead of landing on a page like the one you showcase (top left of your landing page)
@Jice_Lavocat Hi! Thanks for letting us know, that's unusual, we're working on it right now!

Yes, it's kind of ironic, but we focused on building the product for 'established websites' before the 'pre-launch' product (which we'll release 3-4 weeks after launch).

We'll be launching roughly 5th July for a -probably closed- BETA so you'll be able to get a looksie at the real thing shortly. That being said, I will setup an example website with the modal so that you can see the referral modal in action.

Thanks again for the feedback!
Great team and great product. Been following Salescamp for a while so good to see that you're near launch.

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