Stop paying for software you don’t need


Stop paying for software you don’t need

SaaScriptions is a SaaS subscription management and reporting Tool, designed to help Tech Startups, SMEs, freelancers and Enterprises enjoy their favourite SaaS tools without the pain of unwanted (recurring) charges.

Any online business ends up using a variety of Software-As-A-Service apps with recurring monthly or yearly payments. Think about Slack, HootSuite, Insightly, Github, and many others. How many time did you forget about that 30 Day Trial subscription with automatic renewal that you did not care about until you forgot to cancel before the payment kicked in? (e.g. Linkedin Premium). SaaScriptions wants to save companies from spending $18 Billion / year in Shelfware.

Hello Everyone, I am Alessandro Russo, 1 of the 2 founders of WebYourMind LTD and now SaaScriptions!! Feel free to call me Alex!. I am so glad to be here on betalist! We are still finalizing the initial beta, but we promise that we'll send out the first invites soon. So, what is that we are trying to achieve? Well, the idea comes from the fact that even if we are a relatively small company, we use (and pay for) a plethora of online services with recurring billing. You know, the classical "Pay and forget" approach. For example we pay to use amazing services like slack, hootsuite, hellosign, videoblocks, biteable, etc. etc. etc. up to 20+ SaaS products. So far so good, but believe me when I say that it's very hard to keep track of all of them and that more than a few times we end up forgetting about an automatic renewal or pay for software we no longer use.

That's why we are creating SaaScriptions. We want to provide a way to monitor and access to all of your SaaS products, and more widely all your online services charging you periodically, from a single dashboard, so you'll never end up again wasting money on something you don't need or forgetting that a renewal was due. Also, we want to make you able to do much more than that. But that's a story for another day :)

Any questions just shout!
Anyway I can help you, let me know! I am sure we can get plenty of great feedbacks from the betalist community! Help us improving!
Hello Alex - so glad you listed your product here on BetaList! Your app sounds like it could have saved me from a very bad experience I've had lately.

I was using a very popular bookkeeping app and since I didn't use it for 2 months, I assumed that my subscription had ended meanwhile and I just had to pay one month in arrear to resume it, which is the way it usually goes. Upon logging in, I discovered that the app had blocked my access to all my invoices (you can imagine the panick and the disgusting feeling of having my own data held hostage by an otherwise very recommended tech company) and was demanding from me that I pay not a single month in arrear, but 2 months. I was livid. I inquired why I was expected to pay for 1 month of usage of the app that I didn't take advantage of. Their answer was that, my subscription was not related to a month-to-month usage, but to the number of 'active clients' listed on my account at any time, period.

Notice how they specifically didn't care whether I was *using* this number of active clients and getting value from them, they only cared that I was *displaying* this number of active clients on my account.

Overtime, my account had accumulated over 20 'active' clients. But at that time, I had scaled back my business and was routinely using this app for less than 5 clients and most often 1 client.

It means that I've lost hundred of dollars to that app because its pricing model is built to make money from your confusion and not focused on delivering you actual value for your money.

When I made the comparision between what they argued I was truly paying for every month and my actual usage of their app, I realized that their most appropriate plan for my business need at that time was... their free plan.

Long story short - you can bet I already signed up for your app and look forward to gathering more insights from it. It's going to be a blessing for many freelancers! Hopefully they won't go through my terrible experience.
@NadineNBone Hello Nadine! I understand your pain and I am very sorry that you had to waste money on unwanted services. As I mentioned, this is a problem that any online business has, especially when you are activating licenses to manage also client related services. I am so glad to have you in our list and as soon as we open the invites I'll make sure to touchbase with you! Thanks, Alessandro Russo

P.S. in the meantime, is there any chance you can support us by spreading the news?Thanks a lot!!
@WebYourMind Hello again Alessandro - I tweeted it earlier today and will share on my social media accounts :)
I recently have been going through my SaaS software programs to cut loose what we need and what we forgot we paid for. Not good business for a small operatio. Most of these SaaS programs are billed through PayPal. The name @SaaScriptions is easy to remember, you understand the brand objective immediately! Make sure you send and invite to me @ [email protected]

Cheers mate
@SocialTycoons Thanks a lot for your comment! if you go on http://saascriptions.io and enter your mail we'll definitely invite you when we open beta and keep you posted on the progress. If you prefer not to enter your email on the website, no worries. I have added your address to the contact list ^_^

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