On-demand business advice for entrepreneurs


On-demand business advice for entrepreneurs

Relayy matches entrepreneurs with business experts for 1-on-1 business advice using private chats. Small businesses get answers to any type of business question from screened experts, and experts get relevant business opportunities. Everyone gets "no-strings attached" conversations where they can walk away at any time.

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Hi everyone, co-founder of Relayy here, and I'm hoping to get some feedback regarding our platform. We are currently recruiting users in private beta, in order to further sculpt the product into what it needs to be. I’ve included some information below so that you understand the vision of the product. Looking forward to hearing good and bad critiques from you all, and would love for you to try it! Ask me anything!

Thank you all.


- Professional business advice is CRITICAL, yet out of reach for most small businesses; it takes too much money or time to acquire it. If I try to find it online, how do I know who to trust?

- On the other side, professional services providers and business mentors have the knowledge, but are incredibly busy. They can try and break through the spam and noise online, or spend hours at networking events, but lack an easy way to connect with people, while on-the-go.

- FOR ENTREPRENEURS: Relayy matches entrepreneurs with advisors for no strings attached business advice. Entrepreneurs can ask questions privately (instead of in a public forum), quickly get matched to the right advisors who want to help, and have free and private conversations about their business challenges.

- FOR ADVISORS: Relayy allows advisors to share their expertise without huge time commitments. Advisors get conversations with qualified business leads, or the opportunity to “give back” to their tribe, while on-the-go, from their mobile phones. This gives them an easy and straightforward digital strategy to build relationships and business opportunities in a mobile age.

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