Crowdsource-based recruitment platform


Crowdsource-based recruitment platform

Recrooit is a new referral platform that helps companies find and hire qualified candidates by harnessing the expertise and the power of the community. Highly skilled professionals who know other highly skilled professionals, such as founders, Product Owners, Chief Technology Officers, professional recruiters, and other industry experts can recommend people from their networks for open positions on Recrooit and get paid if their referral gets hired.

Compared to other recruitment platforms and agencies, Recrooit saves money and time. While recruitment agencies charge up to $30,000 per placement, recommended Recrooiter Bounty ranges from $250 to $1,500.

Hi Nevena, this is awesome. I really like the simplicity, design, and easy-to-navigate website!

The product itself seems promising - getting paid to refer? How cool!

I've put together some short, screen-recorded UI/UX feedback here - in case you had some time to take a look?

Link: https://app.usebubbles.com/gKdkgF3dPXiuzrDZeqkpYt/comments-on-recrooit-com

Hope it helps :) and looking forward to your thoughts.

Congrats on launching your product here on Betalist!
@cpipo_ Hey, Christian! Wow, I just saw this comment, thank you so much! We redesigned the whole thing since I launched the MVP, would love the hear your thoughts. Sign up!

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