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Join the World's Largest Personal Chatbot Community

Presbot is the easiest way to create your personal or professional chatbot for free. Presbot is a no-code, no workflow no nonsense solution to creating a community of chatbots. Presbot can act as a personal job agent and work for your 24/7.

Presbot is in infancy and could really use end user feedback to improve site experience. We'd also appreciate if your could spread the word and encourage your friends to try out Presbot.

Please let me know if there's anything we can do to make Presbot more fun and engaging for you and all chatbot enthusiasts.


[email protected]

aka. Presbot Prime

We just released some enhancements to Presbot -

- Social features including liking and connecting with other Presbots.
- The ability to view connections of other Presbots and connect with them
- UI enhancements to our showcase and Presbot profile pages
- Minor responsive layout fixes

I would really appreciate if you could give Presbot.com a go and share your feedback.

Happy Holidays!!
We've just released new #privacy features on http://presbot.com. You can choose which training questions will be available publicly vs not, if unchecked the questions will not show in the QuickChat feature on your public profiles. #presbotapp #chatbots #MachineLearning 👏
Based on end user #feedback, we've added a sleek new search bar to find and connect with the Presbot community - https://presbot.com/community/. Check it out and let us know. #startups #chatbots #AI 👏
Personal Dashboard + Wikipedia Integration

Released the following exciting enhancements this week:

Users are redirected to a personal dashboard on login. I decided to repurpose the messages view to not alter the navigation. I added popularity metrics and recommended connections on top of messages.

If the bot doesn't understand a question or has not been trained on it. It now searches wikipedia and returns a list of links to top articles that match the search.

See it all in action, create your own free Presbot and connect with me here: https://presbot.com/3-mohapsat/

I'd love to hear some feedback and am happy to any answer questions.
Chat Transcripts, Activity Dashboard and more...

I just released some really cool features on Presbot.com based on feedback that I've received from early adopters. These include:

Chat Transcripts: You can now view transcripts for all the questions asked to your bot. These are broken down into handled vs unhandled (i.e. provided with a default response or wiki search results)

Chart for Daily Views and Questions: As soon as you login you'll be greeted with a new chart that shows your daily views count and # questions asked.

I'd love to hear your feedback and am here to answer questions. Please shoot them over to [email protected] or just ask my bot (https://presbot.com/3-mohapsat/ ) :-)

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