An automated financial projection software built for innovators


An automated financial projection software built for innovators

Poindexter is the simplest way to produce Financial Projections for new business ideas.

We've done our best to automate all of the most tedious and time consuming aspects of doing financial projections in Excel, and wrapped it in a friendly interface that anyone can use. Never create another hlookup or nested IF statement for your projections again.

Great idea! I always do some quick 'back of the napkin' calculations whenever I consider starting a new project as it has been proven very useful in deciding whether to pursue a project or not.

Props for the video as well! I really like the fact you used a real-life example rather than listing the features or simply showcasing the interface. Something other startups can learn from!

Seeing the product made me wonder about two things however:

1) There seem to be quite a few pages. What I like about a spreadsheet is that I have everything in place which gives me a better overview and let's me try out different numbers real quick without having to click through different pages. This is something I feel like the product could prove upon. (I've only watched the video though, so take it with a grain of salt.)

2) You ended the video with $0 funding needed. I bet that wasn't a coincidence, and you planned that making the necessary number changes to arrive at exactly that number. However, you didn't show you came up with these needed changes. I feel like this should be part of the service: let me decide on an end number (e.g. $0 funding needed) and highlight the parts I need to change to make that happen.

Other than that I like the concept. Looking forward to the launch!
Thanks for the feedback @marckohlbrugge, you make some excellent points (that we'll definitely be adding to our to-do list). We're always looking for ways to achieve our goal of becoming the go-to source for business planning / decision making, and BetaList has helped us find some great people to provide their thoughts on how we can do that!

I've really enjoyed our experience on BetaList. It really is a must for any new startup.

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