Podcast List

A database of 200k+ podcasts to feature your business

Podcast List

A database of 200k+ podcasts to feature your business

Podcast List is database of over 200,000 podcasts complete with tags & emails to help you find and pitch podcasts to interview you, feature your business, or run one of your ads.

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Hey guys! 👋

Podcast List is a categorized database of 200k+ podcasts with emails & tags to help you find and pitch podcasts to cover your business.

Podcasts are the newest form of media outlet, and coverage of you, your product, or your business can generate tons of attention quickly.

Most podcast lists are designed for people trying to find new podcasts to listen to, which is only marginally helpful for marketers. For Podcast List we’ve designed the ideal list for entrepreneurs and marketers trying to find the right podcast to pitch their story to––either as an organic story/interview or as an advertisement.

Podcast List includes emails, tags & categories, hosts, titles, logos, the number of episodes, links to social media accounts & websites, and links to the podcast’s iTunes page.

To help you find even more coverage opportunities for your product, we've integrated this into our product Press Hunt which means as a bonus you’ll also get access to:

🌍 our database of 400k journalists from all over the world

🗃 the ability to build lists of your favorite podcasts & journalists

⚡️ the ability to export their contact data to CSV so you can easily run email outreach campaigns

Our plans start at $69/mo, but we’ve made a special 50% off forever lifetime discount code for early adopters on BetaList: ‘EARLYADOPTERS’. This code expires this week. 🙂

As always we’d love feedback––thanks for taking the time to read this 🙏

- Matt & Aaron from Press Hunt

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