Stop wasting time on scheduling


Stop wasting time on scheduling

Plann3r allows you to schedule meetings with everyone in less than 30 seconds. If you want to schedule meetings with 2, 3 or 5 business-partners or candidates, it would normally take you a loooong time to schedule and reschedule all of these meetings. Plann3r does all the scheduling for you.

Plann3r will think about your existing calendar appointments, your location, travel-time and personal preferences. Using the Web app or the Gmail plugin you can schedule meetings with everyone you want. We've also just launched our Plann3r meeting-pages for free. If you share your page-link, people can request a meeting with you. With the same added intelligence and automation. :)

Very nice. Clean and simple UX.
Looking great! Looks like it will increase my productivity!! Thanks for creating this 🙏
Awesome product! I love booking meetings through it 😍
Realy awesome! Been testing it for a few months now and I really believe it helps me save time! :alarm_clock: Keep up the good work guys! :smiley:
fantastic stuff! I think there was a life before Plann3r but I prefer not to think about that. It was just too painful.
Hi Betalist Community, we are really happy to be here! 🎉

For the Betalist community we have a special gift. If you sign-up now, and schedule a meeting with [email protected] we'll upgrade you for free to the Plann3r Professional tier. (Normally $12/month)

We timed it and our intern was able to complete this entire process in 126 seconds! ⏰

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach us through Intercom (the blue chat bubble on the bottom of the website). I'm ready to answer all your questions and suggestions! 😎

Have fun scheduling!

Its great! but what do you think about better design and user experience? i think you can grow more growth with this! if you love to work with me to improve this!

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