A personal assistant for your pills, smart pill bottle + app


A personal assistant for your pills, smart pill bottle + app

Pillsy is like having a personal assistant for your pills. The smart pill bottle automatically tracks doses and sends intelligent reminders when you forget. Use the app to manage your schedule, view your history and help care for family members that are using Pillsy too. If you take vitamins or medications Pillsy makes it easier to take control of your health.

Hey Beta List!

Thanks for your support! We're on a mission to simplify the experience of taking vitamins and medications.

Questions? Please feel free to post a comment here or send a note to [email protected]

We've also got a demo video up on our website for a few more days that you can checkout to see how it works.

Lastly, we're giving away some free samples to people who want to help us as beta testers. To be considered, just join the email list. We'll send a follow-up email with information on how to join and a questionnaire to get some data on specifics.

- Jeff
A little more about our story...

We created Pillsy because our founders had seen family members struggle with vitamins or medications (or struggled themselves). I personally had several vitamins that I never remembered to take. Then I got a prescription for an allergy medication. But nothing worked.. I couldn't seem to develop the habit.

At first I thought I was the only one with this problem. I did a little research and learned that forgetting pills is actually quite common; people only take their doses about 50% of the time on average. As I read more and more about this I came to understand that people simply aren't wired to remember these types of things without any help. I realized that we could use technology to deploy a couple basic principles that behavioral scientists use to help people learn new habits.

Other people I spoke with were more afraid of double-dosing, or wanted something that would help them to care for a family member. This isn't really a topic that people like to talk about so it took a number of these types of conversations to realize how many people would benefit from a product that could make it easier for them to stay on top of their pills.

So, about two years ago I banded with a few other very talented people who wanted to work on this and we began to develop Pillsy. Everyone on our team has worked on (technically) similar types of wearables and mobile products and we wanted to apply some of these learnings to making a really great smart pill container. Using our collective technical background, we're making an effort to nail all of the important details. As an example, we didn't want to launch Pillsy until we were confident that we could achieve a 1-year battery life because we've seen how the short battery life of most wearable devices eventually leads to poor engagement and user retention.

Our internal beta testers are now pretty happy with Pillsy (many are requesting more than 1), and so we're ready to start recruiting more early adopters. Please feel free to post any questions here or to send me an email at [email protected]

- Jeff
fabulous product! timing and consistency is everything with meds. great idea!!
@TulipNoirCafe Thanks! Couldn't agree more with you there.
I love your idea! I need beta list sign ups too. Would you like to do a Signup4signup? Where we both sign up for each others list?
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