Beautiful call tracking software


Beautiful call tracking software

PhoneWagon is beautiful call tracking and analytics software for businesses and the marketing agencies that serve them. Businesses use unique phone numbers, that are forwarded to their main phone number, on each of their different marketing campaigns. An example would be to put a different number on a direct mail campaign, newspaper ad, etc.

Businesses can then view which marketing campaigns are generating phone calls and allocate their marketing spend accordingly. PhoneWagon also allows businesses to create automated workflows based on phone calls. If a business misses a phone call from a prospect, they can send a text message to the customer and engage in a conversation.

Hey guys - I would love your feedback on the design, messaging, value prop, and anything else. Happy to answer any questions!
also - if you chat me on the site and mention Beta List then i'm offering 50% off all paid plans (today only)!
How is this different or better than Callrail? It looks like CallRail is more affordable also.
Hey @TomaszBanas - great question. We definitely did not build this to be a cheap solution. There's a few other call tracking applications out there that are priced lower than us. Happy to point you in that direction if that's what you're looking for.

One thing that our early customers love is the automation. This allows you to set up rules based on certain triggers. An example of this is to automatically send a text message to new prospects when there's a missed call (i.e. "just received your call but can't talk right now. when is a good time for me to call you back?"). By sending these text messages you are preventing the prospect from calling a competitor. This helps increase close rates and generates a higher return on ad spend.

There's other examples but this is a big one since over 60% of phone calls are unanswered.

We are a team of marketers that are intimately familiar with lead gen. We think of ourselves as partners to all of our customers and offer feedback and advice. I'm also always available to help out and answer questions. We offer a premium level of service mixed with a beautiful product that our customers get a ton of value from.

Happy to answer any questions. My email is [email protected]

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