The most intelligent property management software ever created

Petra is a new kind of property management software. An experienced, virtual property management expert in the cloud. Petra keeps a watchful eye on your property portfolio and lets you know whenever something needs attention. She also learns about your business as you work and can suggest ideas for improvement and help you set, track and achieve growth targets.

The product aims to apply powerful new cloud computing technologies like machine learning, real time event processing and natural language interaction to help solve the hard problems of property management. But these complex ideas are wrapped up in a friendly, approachable virtual personality.

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Hi BetaListers! Thanks for checking Petra out, and for all the great sign-ups we've had today.

If you'd like to know more about Petra, I recommend you to check out this recent post on our blog: where I introduce her to the world.

If you have any questions, just ask right here and I'll be happy to answer.
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@adrianedwards I have no affinity with property management at all, but I enjoyed the video. Great job on making a boring topic (is it okay for me to say that?) a little bit more accessible by adding some personality to it. :+1:
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@marckohlbrugge Thanks Marc. It is OK for you to say that! Many folks (including our team) don't find property management boring at all, but it does have a bit of an image problem. We are definitely trying to inject a bit more colour and personality with Petra 🎉

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