Tools to crowdsource facts and fight misinformation


Tools to crowdsource facts and fight misinformation

òtító is the new media format that empowers us all to crowdsource and moderate factual information. It includes checks and balances, and software tools to incentivise healthy behaviours, and discourage unhealthy or adversarial approaches to information sharing.

Hey òtító team! This is really unique, and has a lot of potential tackling the fake news department we live in these days.

I've <a href=https://app.usebubbles.com/254C612KVLQ4wKeLBnLeVe/comments-on-otito-io>added some UX feedback over a screen-recording of your landing page here</a> - if it helps with future updates :)

Keep up the great work!
@cpipo_ Your comments are *INCREDIBLY* useful. Thanks so much.

* I've added some UX feedback over a screen-recording of your landing page here</a> - if it helps with future updates :)

Link: https://app.usebubbles.com/254C612KVLQ4wKeLBnLeVe/comments-on-otito-io
@cpipo_ Thanks so much, we'll check them out!
For anyone curious about òtító, here's some more info.

Foreign meddling in national politics and targeted propaganda have revealed just how easily (and dangerously) manipulated society can be, when it's fed false but emotive information.

Misinformation is harming social cohesion and making it harder than ever to know whom to trust. Lines of division in society—political, racial, gender, sexuality, ideological, religious and more—are starting to deepen along a fatal trajectory. According to research by pew, the divide between democrats and republicans (in the US, for example) is wider than it’s ever been.

We don't believe control of this key aspect of society should be entirely outsourced to AI and algorithms—the process of deciding which information can be trusted should be democratic... but governed within a system where the incentives are healthy so productive behaviours are fostered.

That's why I built òtító—a new media format that combats misinformation by empowering users to crowdsource facts (with citations) and giving us all tools to moderate the information submitted by each other. òtító’s articles are organised based on factual evidence and trustworthiness of sources (as decided by you, the users).

The app supports these goals thanks to some key features and attributes:

- Unlike with fact-checking websites, òtító’s body of facts is perpetually growing and undergoing refinement, thanks to its community model. It doesn’t require misinformation to emerge before it is tackled. It is proactive, not reactive.

- Articles are organised into claims or statements of fact. A claim is a fact-based assertion, supported by at least one source. All claims are submitted by users like you. And all carry designations that signal trustworthiness (at a glance).

- Users can add topics or claims only if they can also supply source(s) of evidence. This keeps the quality of content above a certain baseline and makes moderation/scrutiny possible.

- The karma system means users that consistently supply low-quality information (as indicated by community signals) automatically have their permissions restricted.

- òtító’s system is fully democratic, with all users having access to the same features and publishing powers—unless a user’s negative karma rises past a set threshold (at which point their permissions are restricted, to prevent spam).

- The interface is extremely simple and isn’t over-engineered, leading to a more pleasant user experience (based on feedback from testing).

- Users can interact directly only with ideas, not each other—and no one knows by whom any piece of information was published. This means òtító’s design inherently prevents common unproductive behaviours, such as ad hominems, group signalling, trolling and targeted attacks.

- Information isn’t framed as “pros vs cons” or “us vs them”, but rather as one multifaceted and interrelated body of complex knowledge. This encourages users to create shared narratives of truth that are ideologically pluralistic, rather than deepen ideological entrenchment.

Please take a look and share your thoughts. It's an extremely difficult problem but I'm determined to meet the challenge head on, and I need your help in doing so.


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