An online task management software


An online task management software

nTask is a free online task management platform used by smart teams to do more. From making checklists to managing projects, collaborating with project teams, scheduling meetings, sharing files and more, nTask lets you do everything using a single platform that has it all. 👏

We've made nTask for everyone, so you can sign up today and get started for free. Have a small team? Even better! Add all your team members and manage team collaboration within nTask seamlessly. 👌 nTask - for the smarter you. 🧠#YourTasksSimplified

Hey! We're excited to announce the launch of nTask (Beta) - an online task management software. We've rethought nTask from the ground up and are constantly working on improving the usability, interface and design of the application.

nTask is a simple all-in-one task management tool for cross functional teams with a vision to genuinely help users streamline their processes and making personal as well as professional lives productive.

We want it to be a tool that is from the inadequacies of the current task management eco-system and require your help with the valuable feedback.
nTask has a free and a paid version. You get FREE 90 days Pro trial included when you sign up for the first time.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming full release (we've saved the best for it and includes some major enhancements with respect to design and user experience).

Go try it out!
Happy to answer any questions!
Tried to sign up, email verification page just errors out with a 405 error. No way to get past that.
@sAustinPower Hi, I'm really sorry for your experience with the signup. I've escalated the issue which should have been resolved by now. Can you please try one more time and let me know if the issue persists? Alternatively, it'll be great if you could also send a screenshot to [email protected]

I appreciate your response.

@fredwilsonsays Slightly different errors. Tried to register again: email already exists. Tried forgot password: email will be sent when email address is verified. Tried to verify my email: User not found. Tried to verify again, no visual error and a 405 in the console. https://www.evernote.com/l/AfLwaq7EluRCLJNfSO6tyWm98_eXnP5Kw0o
@sAustinPower We've investigated and resolved the issue you were facing signing up. Please let us know if you have any question.

I appreciate your patience.

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