Modern Full-stack SaaS Starter Kit


Modern Full-stack SaaS Starter Kit

Nextacular is an open-source starter kit that will help you build full-stack and multi-tenant SaaS platforms efficiently and help you focus on developing your core SaaS features. Built on top of popular and modern technologies such as Next JS, Tailwind, Prisma, and Stripe.

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I’m very excited to share Nextacular🌙.

It has been in development since January this year and I’ve been gathering feedback on what are the basic SaaS features that founders should not sweat about to help them focus on building the core of their solutions. The feedback gathered resulted in Nextacular, which is a SaaS starter-kit built on top of modern technologies.

Also, in our startup, our team didn’t have a standard way of building our applications, so I thought of spending some time crafting this Workspace-based multi-tenant SaaS starter kit to be deployed on Vercel. This is an open-source initiative to contribute to the development community.

Please let me know your feedback! I appreciate all comments and inputs, and I’ll constantly improve Nextacular to deliver an open-source alternative to building your next SaaS. 💬❤️

Do checkout our links here:

🚀 - https://www.producthunt.com/posts/nextacular

🌙 - https://nextacular.co
Can the multi-tenant feature work on any platform apart from Vercel
Hi @parkerituk! This is currently being explored – Netlify and DigitalOcean. Right now, it's tied-up with Vercel's deployment as this is using their convenient API in handling custom domains.
congratulations! This looks awesome!
Thanks, @vital_tech_! Hopefully you can use it for your own as well.

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