Mug Life

Create stunning 3D characters from any photo

Mug Life

Create stunning 3D characters from any photo

Mug Life is an iOS app that instantly creates photo-real 3D animations of friends, family, and celebrities. Anyone can animate. All it takes is a photo. Riff off of community content, create living memes and share your creations as videos, GIFs, and animated avatars.

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As a photographer and video person in the past I think this is wicked cool.
@automateIQ, thanks Chris. I can't wait to see what you do with it. :)
This looks amazing. Will it be possible to create (automatic) lip sync videos too? 😁
@marckohlbrugge, thanks Marc. Not yet. We'll add that to our request list.
I’ve signed up, can’t wait to test this out !
@RPISH, thanks for your help testing Mug Life!
Thanks for the TestFlight invite. Here's my initial feedback:

I really like the general concept. Making your photos come to life (and those of friends!) is a lot of fun and the underlying technology works quite well. I also like that I can save the result to my camera roll so I can share it wherever I want.

My biggest complaint is the user experience. I feel like it's unnecessarily complex. All I want to do is choose a picture and animate it. Manually or with the emoji presets. The on-boarding process with all the tooltips and explainer videos is quite cumbersome. In my opinion a good interface doesn't need explaining. I think leveraging iOS' native design language rather than inventing your own style would make things more intuitive.

Down the road I can envision integrations with other social media where I could have an animated avatar similar to Bitmoji in Snapchat. Rather than a 😁 smiley you'd actually see my avatar animate to match that emotion.

Looking forward seeing it develop. Congrats on the progress so far 👌
@marckohlbrugge thanks for the detailed feedback! Great points! We actually have 3 variants of the on-boarding we are testing. We continue to ask ourselves how we can make the UI more intuitive & familiar, where we should simplify, and how much to throw at a new user. It's very helpful to have testers from BetaList to help solve these riddles! BTW, you can currently export avatars, if you haven't come across that, yet.
I just tested on Test Flight and let me say that this is just mindblowing, really great.

I had some problems with the UX, a lot of thing happening at the same time, in one point i got frustrated because to get what i wanted took me a lot of time and instructions, I think that this can be simplified and get right into the point.

There are a lot of small buttons and thing that makes me get lost on the process.

But congratulations!! This is amazing, I already love the product.
@soydonandres I agree with Don about getting lost in the process. I recommend having a look at @samuelhulick's UserOnboard: http://www.useronboard.com

I think it's worth considering starting out simple, and exposing the additional options gradually over time. The sooner you can get people to play around with their photo, the better.
@marckohlbrugge, thanks for the link. I'll check that out. We'll experiment with some shorter tutorial variants.
@soydonandres Thanks for the feedback, Don! We'll take it to heart. If you don't mind, what is your Mug Life user name (so I can associate your feedback with the variant of the tutorial that you tested)?
It looks like we got an avalanche of signups that triggered the rate control on our spam filter. I just discovered this and fixed it. Hopefully I won't lose any of your sign ups. If you don't hear from me (or just want to be sure), please sign up again. Sorry about that!
We do indeed have all the signups. No need to sign up multiple times. Thank you for your interest and help beta testing!
Very cool. I can't wait it!
We've received a large number of beta signups since posting on Betalist, which is great! We're steadily working our way down the list and sending out more invites as we release new builds. Thanks for all your help beta testing! This has already been invaluable to us. We're reading every piece of feedback you send us, and finding and fixing bugs, thanks to you.
It looks like the website is having problems. The "Join the beta" box after while display a white box with the message "We're sorry, this content cannot be displayed. Please try again later." Personally, I'm too busy to join the beta but I'm interested in notification of launch on the iOS app store.
@ianmayman, thanks for letting me know. I can't get that to happen, though. What browser are you using?
@RobCDontTweet I'm on Google Chrome Version 58.0.3029.81 (64-bit) on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
@ianmayman, Weird. I just tried that and it worked fine for me. I wonder if something is being blocked on your end (firewall, etc)?
features look great and creative !!!! # panamanian Ismael gerli

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