Mobile Caption Generator

Add auto subtitles to your video directly on your phone

Mobile Caption Generator

Add auto subtitles to your video directly on your phone

Type Studio’s auto subtitles generator goes mobile. 👉📱 Add captions/subtitles to your video in the fastest and easiest way - all on your phone!

Hey Beta List👋

You guys requested it – We shipped it for you.

Today we are super excited to launch our mobile auto subtitles generator.

You can now add subtitles to your videos where you originally record them. We've developed Type Studio's mobile subtitle feature with the goal of being the easiest and fastest way to add subtitles to your videos right on your phone. No hassle needed.

Broken down into three steps:

1. Either start recording your video in Type Studio or upload one from your library.

2. Edit, correct, or customize your subtitles.

3. Export your video and show it to the whole world on your social media.

Along with the ability to download your subtitled videos, we’re introducing our Sharing Screen integration inside Type Studio. The Sharing Screen lets you easily share your finished video with your friends, colleagues, or clients.

Summarizing what's new in Type Studio:

- 📱 Mobile Subtitle Generator
- 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Sharing Screen
- 🌍 Even more supported languages

Btw, you get all the features that Type Studio has to offer on your desktop in both the Free and Pro mobile versions.

This will now allow you to use Type Studio across all of your devices!

We will be here all day to answer your questions and look forward to your feedback.💙

- Michael
Amazing!! 🙌🏽
The future is vertical📱!
@colinma_ Thanks for your feedback! 😊
@MaxFleit we will 👋 Thanks for your support!

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