Get relevant information from any link


Get relevant information from any link

microlink is a powerful API to obtain well structured and normalized data from any website. The service is oriented for build embed previsualizations of third party links in your site.

Hello, everyone

My name's Kiko and I'm building microlink.io, a service for creating beautiful link previews.

It's similar to what Medium/Facebook/Twitter do, but out of the box, bringing your users to see what is behind any link, improving your user interaction for your website.

Here's an example using it on my blog: https://kikobeats.com/naming-things

We started the project because we felt that many online sites (news, blogs, etc) do not pay attention to how they are presenting the content. Although they may have good content, this is not attractive to read.

Microlink lets you create fancy links previews and easy to integrate.

It is structured into an API and SDK.

The Microlink API returns well structured normalized metadata from any link.

For example, this is the metadata extracted from indiehackers.com:


The API returns normalized data, such as author, logo, image, video, description, etc... Additionally, it can provide you complementary information such as predominant colors per each image or even take a screenshot of the target url.

Check out the API possibilities at https://docs.microlink.io/api

On the other hand, we have Microlink SDK.

It consumes the data provided by the API, creating beautiful link previews for the end user.

Also, it allows you define the card design (orientation, kind of media, video behaviour, etc)

You can see demos and examples at https://docs.microlink.io/sdk.

About the product, I am very proud to say that the majority of microlink.io's code is Open Source!

Check out our organization on GitHub: https://github.com/microlinkhq. This makes the code less buggy and cheaper 🙂

Our pricing starts from $0/month and scales based on daily requests:


Any feedback is welcome. What do you think?
Looks nice. I'll check it out tonight!

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