Gather actionable feedback from your customers


Gather actionable feedback from your customers

Metriculator provides an effective way to collect feedback from your customers. It helps you gain critical insights about your customers, proactively deliver better experience and improve customer retention.

Metriculator is based on the proven and powerful methodology called Net Promoter System (NPS) and it provides both a qualitative and quantitative feedback metric that your business can monitor. Without having to open external links or emails, your customers can respond directly in your website using Metriculator's beautiful survey experience. This leads to higher response rates and more targeted feedback. This survey experience can also be customized easily to match your brand.

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Hello, everyone!

I am really happy to see the first few beta signup requests come in.

My vision with Metriculator is to build a beautiful, seamless and customizable survey experience that can be used to measure and record the level of customer engagement and loyalty that your business/product has.

Your comments and feedback are highly appreciated. Whatever you think about Metriculator (or the concept of Net Promoter Score), do let me know in the comments here or via email (bharani@metriculator.com).


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