A Bot to discover, share and review the best new chat bots

Metabot, your new home for discovering, sharing and reviewing bots.

Signup for early access to Metabot today! Isn't it time the bot community had it's own bot?

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Thanks for featuring us Betalist! We're launching on Slack first and are looking for beta testers who love trying out chatbots to help us shape Metabot into something special for the bot community :-)
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@nathancharley i do want to be a beta tester . how can i join you slack team... here's my email
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Let's face it, there's so many shitty bots out there. It's hard to find the gold hidden in the pile. Together, we want to make Metabot your go to source for finding QUALITY bots.

We could use your help. Signup for our private beta and we'll add you to our slack group.

Looking forward to chatting with you!
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@njoguhayes Make sure you enter your email on We'll send out an invite there soon!
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Thats pretty cool. Im the maker of Botexplorer (
Right now, botexplorer pulls info from Botlist, Slack app directory and storebot. We can talk more if you guys are interested :)
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If you would like to try an email bot(you read it write, an email bot), then visit to know more.

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