A modern app builder without coding


A modern app builder without coding

Makeroid is a tool that helps Makers build apps without needing to be able to code. You just have to drag and drop components and join blocks to make the code. And then we do the magic transforming into an app!

We have powerful tools, like three types of ads or in-app purchases to help you monetize your app or a floating-action-button

This looks awesome and wow how detailed it is! You will do well for yourself my friend very innovative
It seems to me spammers flooded the entire discussion. Dunno if they are random dwellers or the devs paid for these bots.

Anyway, why it’s named Makeroid here because it’s Kodular — probably it was a WIP name.

The website and product’s design are bad, like a lot, but in the end, it seems that Kodular allows people to create Android apps without coding. This is really cool, no-code tools are great.

Also, bruh, don’t use robot voices in your videos. Man, that’s such a cringe.
@GeorgyBuns Thanks for your feedback! A lot has changed since we posted this here. Makeroid has been officially renamed to Kodular. We are also in the process of updating the website design. However, the product design has been refreshed!

You can also visit apps.new to create a new app instantly!
@PavitraGolchha thanks for the reply. It’s nice that you didn’t abandon the page here, but you should definitely update it.

What about the apps made with Kodular? Your website and social media state that dozens of apps were created on Kodular. However, there is no showcase page or featured apps section. I couldn’t find any apps made with Kodular. So these statements feel quite fishy and too pompous, not gonna lie.
@GeorgyBuns Sure, I will forward that to the team so that we keep that in mind while redesigning the website.

Thanks again for your valuable feedback!
@PavitraGolchha you are welcome. Still, is there any way to check the apps made with Kodular?
i think we can collaborate for develop any apps, because i have a sofware development company in indonesia https://lumira.co.id/

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