Secure and private email archival


Secure and private email archival

Mailyard gives you the convenience of accessing your archived emails on the cloud, with the protections of encrypting and decrypting your data on your own machine. All the heavy cryptographic stuff is handled seamlessly within your browser, so it's just like any regular email client.

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Email archival is important because you don't know when you might lose access to your emails, for e.g. losing access to your Gmail account because your YouTube account got banned.

More reasons why you should archive your email:

If you are concerned about putting all your emails on someone else's servers (like Mailyard), you have every right to be. That's why we have designed Mailyard to encrypt all your data within your browser before its sent to our servers.

We had to adopt a few cryptographic gymnastics to get there, but we think it's worth it:

We are going out of our way to make sure that you can use Mailyard anonymously as possible (as an ongoing effort). You can use Mailyard without us ever associating you with an email address, even the ones you are archiving!

Find out more about the crazy methods we are adopting to protect your privacy:

Ultimately, you can already download all your emails and manage your archive yourself, but let's face it, doing so is a huge pain in the ass! Mailyard gives you both the convenience of cloud-access and the protections of encryption that you control.

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