Stop feeding your email address to spambots


Stop feeding your email address to spambots

Mailto.id protects your email address against spam and improves your visitor's email experience by replacing your mailto links with a personal and unique email page.

Hi All,

My name is Adriaan and I created Mailto.id because I always felt bad using mailto-links on my website(s). This is the first version and I am improving and adding features. Very soon, you will be able to add a profile picture and background color to your email page. Looking forward to hear from you and let me know if you have any questions or ideas about features you would like to see!

Take care,
Hi, Adriaan!

First, when I saw this, I thought that it’s used as an email forwarding service but actually, it’s way more interesting.

I focus on mobile users on my website — I think most of them have email app installed such as Gmail. If they don’t or they are on PC, then they will get their email provider page. I might be wrong on this, so if I am then Adriaan’s product will come in handy.

Though, I don’t think that this is the best solution but Adriaan offers some kind of it at least.
@GeorgyBuns Thanks for your comment! Indeed, it is different than a forwarding service. It actually opens the email compose view directly, for the email clients that supports this. You can also copy the email and use your default configured email client (as on mobile).

"I think most of them have email app installed such as Gmail."
This is the problem, since we don't know this and there is no option for us to know this beforehand. So, if someone uses webmail, for example Yahoo!, it doesn't make sense to open Gmail app. This is the same on mobile and desktop websites.

If you really want to open the default email client on mobile, you could do something with Javascript maybe? Like, opening the default mailto-link and behavior on mobile and open the mailto.id link/page on desktop? You could even load the mailto.id page in a modal and iframe, so the visitor stays on your website and doesn't have to open a new tab.

Let me know if I can help you with anything!
@88media I still think the solution feels like a workaround, though that’s still a great idea!

As for the mobile, well, I have Gmail installed on my smartphone so whenever I clicked mailto: link, I always opened Gmail. To be more precise, the system asked what I want to open, then I clicked Gmail.

I guess the solution comes from knowing who your target audience is. Though, I would love to know the stats.

Modal and iframe solution sounds fancy, I like the idea!

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