Email Marketing on a budget using Amazon SES

Mailblast allows marketers to send emails at a fraction of the cost of traditional email marketing services.

Leveraging Amazon's Simple Email Service, marketers can send highly deliverable emails for as low as $0.10 per thousand emails.

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Interesting. What are the differences to besides being non-self-hosted?
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Hi @derkinzi!

While sendy is a great tool, my learning from ex-sendy users is that it can be a little slow and clunky, especially when hosting on the popular 5$ digital ocean droplet :)
In my opinion Mailblast can offer an overall smoother and substantially faster experience.

Also since Mailblast takes care of the hosting, it not only means a better experience for you, but since we're hosted on Amazon - your AWS account also get 62,000 emails/month for free.
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@desheikh Thanks! 62k mails sounds pretty good. I will give it a shot soon! :)
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@derkinzi Awesome! Let me know how your experience goes.
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Sounds great... will sign up and give it a try
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How's it different from Email Octopus?

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