Easy and affordable user onboarding


Easy and affordable user onboarding

Kompassify is an easy and affordable tool to create In-app walkthroughs.

With kompassify you will save so many development hours creating well polished and personalised product Tours to onboard your new users or to highlight your new features.

Hi there

I'm Wassim the founder of kompassify, I created this tool to help startups and fellow makers onboard their users and to show off their new developed features

It would be great if you guys could give it a shot and let me know what you think.


Hi Wassim,
I wonder if your tool can manage translations according to the languages of the user's browser. Or could be compatible with an external solution like weglot. thanks.
Hi @makezu_io ,

We don't support automatic translation yet,

But if the urls of the product between different languages are distinguishable .
(like for example mazezu.io/fr/ or mazezu.io/?lang=fr and mazezu.io/en/ or mazezu.io/?lang=en)
than you can easily duplicate one product tour for each url and simply change the content to match
the language.
There are a lot of onboarding / walkthrough services but none of them really seem to be good looking enough for me to want to serve to my users. Perhaps Kompassify could be different? I've shared some thoughts on your website here too: https://app.usebubbles.com/de6d591c-82c6-4ea7-a045-2532ee442896 -- let me know if it helps.
Wow, Thanks Tom for the Feedback ^^

And yeah , you are right there are other onboarding / walkthrough services out there but:

- All their pricing starts from 150$/month, and only kompassify have a free pricing plan for small businesses and fellow makers.

- Kompassify tour builder is much easier and intuitive compared to the other services.

- Finally we probably share the same MVP but I have a different vision for kompassify, indeed the user onboarding journey doesn't start/stop with the tool tips, modals or hotspots , it is more complicated than that and needs and advanced tool

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