Know Eat All

The first sustainable, personalized cooking app

Know Eat All

The first sustainable, personalized cooking app

Know Eat All is the first sustainable and personalized cooking app. Learning from your dietary preferences, your cooking skills & more, the app selects recipes that best fit your needs and have a smaller environmental footprint.

We use dynamic seasonality and carbon emissions data to help you cook delicious recipes that are in season in your region, and help you reduce your carbon footprint effortlessly.

Hey BetaList 👋

I started Know Eat All with the intention to use personalization to make the best cooking app: one that wouldn't show me thousands of irrelevant options, and that would pay a particular attention to product and photography.

Along the way, I learned about the impact of our food system on greenhouse gas emissions. For instance, an out-of-season ingredient has a carbon footprint that's 5 times higher than a seasonal one.

No other cooking app was paying any sort of attention to this. Seasonality was never a focus, and carbon footprint is still overlooked.

Tapping into GHG emissions data and seasonalities from different regions of the world, I believe Know Eat All can help you build more sustainable eating habits effortlessly.

Check out the second screen posted above to see how we inform our users about the sustainability facts of a meal! 🍃

I'm looking forward to knowing what you think of my first ever app!
Happy cooking! 🍜

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