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Klarity Instant NDA Review Tool

Review your NDA with our AI, it's free

Klarity reviews any Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreements ("NDAs”) in PDF or Word format. Klarity searches for red-flags and compares your NDA to the market standard. Klarity highlights important language in your NDA in green, yellow or red. Sections of your NDA that are not highlighted are boilerplate provisions that do not require your attention. After you’re done reviewing your NDA, you can e-sign it immediately.

Review your NDA with Klarity’s A.I. It’s free. -NDAs reviewed in minutes, not days. -Sanity check your NDA. Klarity compares your NDA to market standard computed across 1,000s of NDAs. -Klarity is currently used by companies like Salesforce and Segment.

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