New concept to productivity by treating your real life like a game

Kimmie brings a whole new concept to productivity by treating your real life like a game. Each time you complete or missed a task, you will get rewards or punishments to motive you and inspire you.

Whenever you complete a task, you will be awarded points which you could accumulate them to purchase real life rewards. Rewards could come from either a self created reward or rewards from our sponsors like shopping vouchers. To also help make learning and improving yourself fun , Kimmie also provides a wide selection of ready made task templates which could be added to your task list very easily. You could learn anything from a new workout plan to learning to cook a new dish.

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The screenshot shows missions include Health, and Experience. That seems too vague to me. "Walk a total of 100 miles by the end of the month" would be better, but perhaps that comes under Health. I look forward to finding out more, and I hope it will be on iPhone soon as the picture suggests Android first.
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@ianmayman thanks for the advice. Kimmie is an app which helps to gamify your life and tasks in an RPG like game. So the Health and Experience bar are similar to what you have went you play a RPG game. Health indicates the health level of your character where when you missed a task , it will be damaged. Experience level shows how much for you to get to the next level. Points are awarded when you complete a task.

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