Kasban for Asana

The lightweight Kanban board for Asana

Kasban for Asana

The lightweight Kanban board for Asana

Kasban helps you achieve total project clarity, the kanban board for your Asana projects. Move your Asana tasks through a visual kanban pipeline, improving project quality, reducing delays and removing road blocks.

Get instant access, no setup required! Just sign in and like magic all your Asana projects appear in a moment! Cool eh? Make happier teams; we LOVE Asana but we are visual people. Manage your projects with Kasban and give your team the clarity they need to stay happy, engaged and accountable.

Hello to all of you from sunny Birmingham, UK! We assume if you've clicked on this page you use Asana! We do and we love it. So much so in fact, we decided to make a kanban view for Asana. We are looking for our first batch of user testers to help make the app as good as it can be. If you want to help user test, visit get.kasban.io to sign up for priority access.

If anyone has any questions fire away!

Hi there,

I have had a go with Kasban, it looks nice so far. One thing that I have not been able to do is drag my cards from one column to the next on the kanban board. Do I need to set permissions for column exchange or something, or i this feature not available (or other?)?


ahh, silly me it has to be dropped in the box at the top. Sorry for the bother. Keep up the good work!

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