The most powerful phone app for the modern professional


The most powerful phone app for the modern professional

String is the fastest, most intelligent texting & calling experience ever. We’ve reimagined the phone number with unique inbox enhancements like Mark Unread, Kanban View, and Undo Send. String also includes built-in SMS boosts like Labels, Templates, Auto-Replies, and Mass Messaging. You’ll get through every conversation faster, scale up your responsiveness, and never miss a message again.

Add String’s superpowers to your existing phone number, or get a new String number of your choice. The String app is available for use on both desktop and mobile.

Hi everyone,

We just released String to the general public and are thrilled to show you what we’ve been working on.

String was designed to help you be 10x more productive over text and manage 10x more conversations in your phone inbox - and while the possibilities are endless, we ultimately want to make sure we’re building an incredibly useful, helpful product.

So, feel free to let us know what you think and how we can make String even better!

I’ll be around to address questions, ideas, and thoughts - so thank you for taking the time to check out String!
Amazing - this is going to make marketing so much easier for my team, and more personal for our users. Been hearing about this product and excited to try it out!
@DaniFankhauser - hope you and your team find String useful! We'd love to hear what you think.
Hi there, thanks so much for stopping by! We're so excited to share String with you. 🤗

As a token of appreciation for our early users, we'd like to offer the BetaList community 1 free year with the purchase of a String Modern Pro Annual Plan. To learn more and redeem, text BETALIST to 415-849-3223.

Please leave a comment here if you have any q's or feedback— we love hearing from you :)
What an amazing tool! So happy I came across this!
@VasilyevaSofya Take us for a spin, let us know what you think :)
Can't wait to use this tool! I was feeling a bit overwhelmed managing a full time job and starting two non-profits, this is going to be so helpful!
@somasharan Thanks for the note - Look forward to any feedback you have for us!
This seems great I can't wait to try it
@Dobrenkz Can't wait to get you onboard - please let us know your thoughts!
"Excited" Needed something to bring out those "Super Powers". Hope this will last for long haul.
@VCastagneto Excited to last the long haul! Would love to hear how your String experience goes :)
Wow, can't wait to deploy this to my sales and am teams!
@sschoi Just let us know how we can support you (and your team!)

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