How Nice Is…?

Global Niceness Mapping and Rating

How Nice Is…?

Global Niceness Mapping and Rating

How Nice Is…? believes that nothing affects us more than Niceness. Niceness is abstract but obvious. The Niceness we are mapping and rating is outdoor Niceness that affects us all. Street level, city level, regional…

History of Niceness hasn’t been written. Niceness was never measured and mapped, until today. We didn’t have tools, technology, enough processing power, etc. Our algorithm calculates general social, industrial, natural, ecological and commercial aspects of the globe using all publically available measurable data including social media engagement. Main and the most important data input will be mapping and rating by users. The world will be mapped by you. From Humans to Humans, using the latest technologies.

We are so proud and thankful to be listed on Betalist!

We're set to map the world, and all we care about is the Niceness.
We are creating a heat map of nice and not nice areas readable with one look.

We will map and rate countries, cities, regions, streets, etc. BUT we will also map and rate - rivers, mountains, trees, rocks, cliffs, windows, facades, doors, pavements, balconies...

The world will be mapped by You.
By rating, you are mapping what is nice or not nice and you are editing the map of Niceness in the real time. At the same time, you are creating your personal map that you could share with anybody you want.
You are rating your current location, your personal feeling of the place.
Using AI maps will be personalized to match specific personal preferences. There will be no one map – there will be a countless number of maps.

We are currently working on iOS version and after it's launched we will develop a heat map and the rest of the modules.

Let Niceness guide you!

With great respect
Budimir Knezevic, Founder/CEO

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