A great way to preview, test and download fonts


A great way to preview, test and download fonts

Heyfont is a platform that helps designers to make better decisions related to fonts.

We want to improve the way to choose fonts, creating a more interactive and realistic way to test them before they´re used. You can preview on UI - Branding and Plain text, for our final version we'll have the download option, so you can download the previews and share them with your fellows. At this point we have a list of fonts ready to use but we are searching new font designers that want to be part of this.

Interesting enough to give it a go, but for me it does not really provide value. I'm wondering what problem you're solving? Personally I love the UI/UX of font-sites like Google Fonts and Monotype.com.

Your app lets me search for one font and then a theme is presented in that font. I always make font-pairings and play around with weights/size. Which is not possible. Also I provide the font myself, so there is no discovery/assistance. I must conclude your app does not provide value to me.
@bhennphof Hi! Thank you so much for your feedback and time 😀, let me explain you a couple of thing that maybe aren't very clear.

Our solution is giving a easy and fast way to preview fonts before you use them, no downloads needed and different ways to do it.

1. this new version will be available with 3 different preview modes:

- Plain Text: You can preview the font on all different characters and an editable paragraph, in this preview you can change some attributes as Font Height, Letter Spacing, Text Transform and alignment.

- Ui Preview: As the name says, in this preview you can see how the font works on different UI components such as Buttons, Text Cards, Inputs etc and you can change their text and some styles

-Branding Preview: In this you can upload de logo or symbol that you want to test and you'll get a preview on different branding mockups.

In all the previews you can compare 2 font families as max

2. Each one of the previews can be downloaded as a PNG image and if you're working with your team and want to share the font you can have a link of the preview with the fonts used.

3. You can download the fonts to your computer or embed them on your site with some css links.

4. If you are font designer you can upload your fonts and that font will be available in out platform later, then our users will be available to preview, test and download the fonts that you share

5. We want to create a free font library, such as google fonts too, working with independent foundries as http://www.omnibus-type.com from Argentina and font designers.

I hope this can be more clear for you, again, thank you so much for your feedback, if you have any additional question, idea or point of view i'll be glad to read it.



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