Use your smartphone, handsfree, in 3 different formats


Use your smartphone, handsfree, in 3 different formats

HeadPal allows you to effortlessly enjoy media on any mobile device, handsfree. It comes in 3 different formats these are; Head Mount Mode, Table Mount Mode and Selfie Stick Mode. To transition between the modes, pull all the components apart by detaching the magnetic plugs. Then, you can simply mould the tubing to the desired shape according to your circumstances.

On the site you point out that this solves a problem many people don't realise they have until you point it out. How do you plan on marketing to them if they are unaware of the issue?

I can relate to the issue, especially when it comes to extensive iPad usage, but I'm skeptical towards the idea of bringing along a product like this everywhere I go and mounting it whenever I want to use my phone for a long duration. The power of the phone is its mobility after all.

Do you see this as a mass market product, or is it geared towards a specific demographic?
Hi Mark, some great questions there!
We are currently marketing the product through social media, content outreach through major media outlets, key influencers and so much more. I can say there may or may not be some competitions coming soon so stay tuned ;-)

In regards to the product itself we are still yet to finalise the design but we can safely say it's compact and lightweight being adjustable to 3 different formats and YES there's definitely the mobility aspect aswell. This product is essentially for smartphone users that would find HeadPal alleviates their struggles with "tech neck", fatigued arm, sore/burning ears etc whilst using the device. Whether it be at home, on public transport or in shopping malls.

I hope this answers your questions.

HeadPal Team

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