Share your product story with the world


Share your product story with the world

Haptic is a place where people can build their products in public. The platform provides a set of content-creation tools which are at your disposal to build a coherent and tractable narrative around your product.

I built Haptic out of my own needs. I wanted to have a clean page, where people can easily see the process I went through building my products. And at the same time a mechanism to discover other indie makers. At the time of writing this, the platform supports quick updates (short posts, just like Twitter, limited to 1000 symbols w/ images). Planned: long-form content (articles), roadmaps, milestones, surveys, deals (coupons), a couple of integrations w/ other tools, etc

Here's a 50% off of the "Creator" plan for your first 2 months on Haptic, use code HPTBTL

Hey, it's Borislav, the guy behind Haptic 🙌

I just wanted to add a few more things to the description above.

--- But...Why? ---

Haptic's core idea is to provide a stage for people, who are building products, to share their journey, get valuable feedback and engage in a community of fellow makers.

The obvious question is "Why did you build a replacement for Twitter/FB/LI/whatever-other-social-network?".

It's a valid question I get asked quite often.

My typical response to this is: because of the ephemeral nature of the social networks.

On social media you publish your post and hope to get some exposure in the next hour on your followers' feeds. And that's it. After that it's all swallowed in the void.

And on top of it, your public updates for your project get mixed with your personal ones, cat gifs, memes and what not.

With Haptic I want to focus on the longevity of your content. Being able to build a coherent and tractable story, which is always there and you can reflect on what happened, what was people's reaction to your ideas, how did you go from one iteration to the other, etc.

It's all in one place, without the BS. Putting your product and it's story to the center.

--- Emulating the "good" parts of social media ---

That being said, building in public means speaking to an audience, not merely to the void.

So Haptic emulates some of the social media mechanisms, without going crazy. It has a Browse page, where people can explore what other people are building and engage with them, thus building relationships with fellow makers.

It has liking (called boosting on Haptic) mechanisms. You can like a product or a post. It also has the notion of collections - you can build a collection of products you like. And more..

I'm sure you'll enjoy Haptic.

If you ever need to build more than one products in public on Haptic, make sure to use the coupon and get 50% off of your two months for the Pro plan.

Thank you for your time 🙏

Enjoy! :)
I really like the idea and I plan to use it as a "diary" for my projects. It's also a nice way to discover new products but also the makers behind them and their stories 🤙

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