Gluu IO

Get APIs to do what you want without any code

Gluu IO

Get APIs to do what you want without any code

Gluu IO lets you easily connect your favorite apps with powerful APIs to save time and effort.

In just three simple steps you can connect Mailchimp with FullContact API to know more about your subscribers, Twitter Search with Text Analysis API to find out what is the sentiment about your brand, and Dropbox folder with OCR API to turn scans into text. Thousands more combinations are possible!

This reminds me of IFTTT and Zapier (both previously featured here on BetaList by the way). Big fan of both!

How do you plan to differentiate from these existing services? It looks especially similar to Zapier with their new zap editor. Curious to hear more!
@marckohlbrugge Sorry, I forgot to hit "reply". Hi Marc! Many thanks for reaching out and your interest in Gluu IO.

We introduce a 3-step process, which allows our users to do much more than with other integration services. In the 1st step you select the data source and in the 3rd step you pick where you want to send that data - standard stuff. The second, middle step allows you to enrich or analyse that data. You can e.g. send email addresses from Mailchimp to Google spreadsheet or a CRM system and on the way there they will be complemented with the email owners' social profiles (thanks to a third-party APIs we integrated). Same with images in Dropbox folder: you can send the images to Google drive and auto-crop them on the way there to fit perfectly into Twitter posts - thanks to an auto-cropping API.

These third-party APIs in the middle were for programmers only. Gluu IO makes them accessible without coding.

Thousands of other automations are possible. If you have one in mind, please send it our way!
@elamustrun Awesome. I know Zapier added support for multiple actions per workflow too, but to modifying data is still quite cumbersome and requires some scripting.

Do you see yourself as a competitor to services like Zapier? I imagine they are working on similar features as well.
@marckohlbrugge We see ourselves primarily as Mashape marketplace for non-programmers.

Zapier and IFTTT showed us all that complex things can be done much easier than before (essentially by clicking instead of coding). With Gluu IO we push that trend forward and allow everyone who can set up a Zap or IFTTT Recipe to do almost anything programmers do nowadays. That is our mission and the main differentiator from both of these great companies!
@elamustrun Awesome! That vision reminds me of something @ivanpashenko is working on. Too bad @mentions don't work in these comments yet. Will send him a tweet to see if he's interested in sharing his perspective.

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