First app to intelligently let you know what your best friends are up to


First app to intelligently let you know what your best friends are up to

Gadder is the first app to intelligently let you know what your friends and family are up to!

Always know when your friends are hanging out nearby and who is available! No more texts like "where are you? Are you free?". We use refined machine learning algorithms to understand our users and let them spend their time with what really matters: people they love!

I think the idea itself is good and I really want to see an app like this do well, as I do need it.

The problem I've found is this app is only useful if your own friends are on it. And most likely they're not on it.

What do you plan on doing differently to make sure it doesn't suffer the same fate as other apps like it? How would I get value from it even if my contact list isn't using it?


Hey Roman, that’s an excellent question! Firstly, thank you for your time.

While creating the product, we thought a lot about the user’s first experience on the app and asked ourselves the same thing.
As you said, the value added by social apps depend on how many of your friends are using it. In many social networks you need a lot of them to get something in return. When using Gadder, you can get value from the moment that you have your first friend on the app, since our beta product consists of sharing device-wise information (location, battery, music, weather, etc) with friends.
We understand that referrals play a big role in app virality. To get that first friend to download the app, we want the user to have a glimpse of the app with active users. For that we automatically add both Co-Founders to the friend list.
Also who is referring the app is a big part of virality. To ensure that it will always come from a trusted source, we are focusing our marketing efforts on best friends. People who have a high number of interactions and tell each other everything new about their lives. We believe that once one person gets a taste of what Gadder can bring to them, we will be in the list of the awesome new stuff they have to talk about.

If you have any other questions, I will be happy to answer them!
Will this be available on iOS, or only on google play?
Hi @yelsneWeinnA, thank you for your question.
At first, only on google play, but we already have plans to release the iOS version on the first semester of 2017.

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