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So if I understand correctly I can set up a workflow for each project. Let's say I want to start working on BetaList, I could run the BetaList workflow and it opens my code editor, a Terminal window, browser window on localhost, and Trello board with features to implement.

Is there something similar for creating a new project? I usually take the same steps when creating a new site (setting up Git repository, folder structure in Dropbox, initiating Rails project, etc).
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@marckohlbrugge the way you describe it makes me want this product!
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@jankeesvw Haha, let's hope it works the way I describe it then!
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@jankeesvw Here's what I'd really love to have:

1. I pick a Trello card to work on and click a button (Trello Powerup?)
2. It automatically opens all the right programs.
3. Creates a new git branch based for this particular feature
4. Add a Github branch link to the Trello card
5. When I push the changes it moves the Trello card to the next List

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